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Product of The Month – AXIS VOICEBOX S SPEAKER


VoiceBox S is joint venture by John Reilly and Brad Serhan, two well regarded Australian Speaker designers. Axis is owned by John Reilly.

The speakers are a 2 way design utilizing a 50mm ribbon tweeter and a 5-1/4 inch Nomex driver by Peerless. Finish is excellent and currently only available in piano black.  The front grills are metal and need to be removed prior to auditioning.  There is one set of binding posts set vertically on the rear.  Sensitivity of this speaker is quoted at 83db with a frequency response of 45hz to 20khz +/- 3db.

I auditioned these speakers with a pair of Parasound JC1 Mono Amps and the matching JC2 Pre Amp with music streamed through a Fideliq and Aries Streamers into a Chord QBD76 DAC.  Some may think this is a overkill situation, but I use this system as it is neutral and extremely revealing.

These Speakers require a fairly lengthy burn in period and I suggest playing them for a minimum of 200 hours before a serious audition.  After this fairly lengthy burn in the base becomes articulate and fast.  The top end also benefits by becoming smooth and detailed (no edginess here).

To describe the sound of this Speaker I would say it is very detailed, transparent with a magical mid-range.  As a whole this Speaker is very coherent and this can only be achieved by no one frequency being pushed to the fore, which gives temporary excitement but long term fatigue. My listening room is 10m x 6m and I obtained a huge sound stage with excellent vocals and placement of instruments.  Do not for one moment think this is a small speaker sound.  Driven by good amplification, it will compete with many floor standing speakers costing much much more.

For those looking for a small monitor, with a smooth frequency response, fast and articulate base, do audition these babies.  They are destined to become a classic.