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Usher Dancer Mini-X Speaker

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The latest model to emerge from Usher is their new MINI-X Speaker.  This speaker has evolved from their very fine line of dancer series, which encompass the BE 718, MINI Dancer I and II, BE 10 and BE 20, and sits between the BE 718 and the MINI Dancer I,  although price wise it is very close to the DANCER I.

OK - so what is so special about this speaker.  First of all it is a bookshelf model of considerable size and weight, 15.5 kgs each to be precise. Physically it looks like the upper portion of the MINI Dancer I, with a forward firing port.  As with all Usher Speakers, the finish is exemplary, with high quality 5 way binding posts and bi-wiring,  bi-amping capabilities.  Drivers using this model are as per the MINI Dancers namely 1.25 inch Diamond DMD Dome Tweeter, one 7 inch mid-low woofer (8948A)

Now for its performance - when I first saw these speakers, I thought this would be a replacement for the BE 718 and assumed its performance would be marginally superior to that very fine model which has been praised by many reviewers and has been a benchmark for bookshelf speakers in its price range.  WAS I WRONG - this speaker is closer in performance to the MINI Dancer II than to the BE 718.  It has a large sound stage with realistic dynamics.  Mid-range once again is very similar to the Dancer II.  Base reproduction is not up to the Dancer II standard, nor could it be,  as this speaker has one less bass driver and is after all a bookshelf model.  However, the bass available is more than adequate for this size of speaker.  It has a very smooth frequency response from top to bottom and is never fatiguing.  Having an impedance of 8 ohms with 87 db sensitivity, it is an easy speaker to drive.

Needless to say I am impressed with this new model and I am sure it will be very successful for the brand.


2 Way Bookshelf Speaker

Sensitivity 87 db

Impedance 8 ohms

Frequency Response (-3db) 41 hz - 40 kHz

Height 43.5 cms

Width 26 cms

Depth 37 cms

Weight 15.5 kg


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