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Saturday, 6/5/2017

Hi Wyn

Just to let you know the package arrived safely yesterday. I’ve finished unpacking and installing the unit, and can confirm everything seems to work so far.

The sound is clean, but quite dynamic. I am pretty happy with it – I was going to switch it off after installing it, but ended up spending the whole afternoon listening to it.

I’ve even connected the LP12 to the phono stage, and it’s surprisingly quite good, so I may even retire my existing phono amp.

Once again thank you very much – I’m a very satisfied customer!



Wednesday, 12/4/2017

Hi Wyn,

Thanks again for your service. You have been honest and thorough which are rare qualities today, I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend you.

Kind regards,




Monday, 8/7/2013

Hi Wyn.

You most certainly can post my comments on your testimonial page, I think your service and manner are exemplary and very hard to find these days.

I feel fortunate indeed, to have you as my Hi-Fi advisor.

Thanks again and

Kind Regards.

Brian D.


Friday, 28/6/2013


Firstly I must say that the personal touch, sheer domain knowledge and patient support through what was an ambitious step for me into the world of high end hifi gave me the confidence to progress with building what is now a dream system for my home. You were most respectful and have gone well above and beyond any expectations I might have had in relation to the experience.

For any future or prospective clients I can only say deal with this hi fi professional without reservation and trust implicitly the courteous, experience rich advice you are being given.

I have no doubt that Wyn will work hard for you in order to try and achieve your expectations. He is not only an ambassador for the products he supports he is a gentleman and honest businessman who advises on, not pushes products to make a sale. I have no doubt that I will be a customer of simply hi fi for life.

Yours Sincerely

Joe Gugliotta (South Australia)
BEng, CPEng, FI


Thursday, 1/11/2012

Hi Wyn

Just to let you know we unpacked the speakers today and they are in perfect condition.

We set them up as per our discussions and they sound excellent even at this early stage

Thanks very much for your advice and for guiding me to the BE10 purchase

Kind Regards


Kind Regards



Tuesday, 31/7/2012

Hi Wyn

I just wanted to let you know I hooked everything up and it sounds fantastic. I never thought a modest system like mine would sound so good. The volume I’m getting from the amp is insane. I have only turned it up half way and its really loud but still crystal clear.

Thanks for the recommendations.



Wednesday, 18 /7/2012

Hi Wyn,i just wanted to let you know that i am very grateful for your help and excellent service,its good to have the mono blocks up and running again and i am very pleased,the P5 also has settled in very well and the difference it makes is not subtle its actually very noticeable all the time with whatever i play,its a great product,once again thankyou,take care and i will see you some time in the near future,regards Stephen.


Sat 26/05/2012

Hi Wyn, Hooked up the oppo Thursday night for 2 channel. Played Pink Floyd’s Dark Side…. I have never heard anything like it in my life. I heard subtle instruments I have never heard before.It is the best purchase I have EVER made. Last night I watched blu-ray of John Mayer and was gob smacked at the clarity of the vocal and instruments. Absolutley stunning. Thanks for recommending it, I cant imagine what the extreme edition must sound like!!!

Pete Gardner


Tue 24/04/2012 4:32

We’re very happy with the Parasound, setting up was all pretty easy. Only one mistake initially with setting the auto-trigger (12V DC). Had both the trigger cable connected as well as put the setting on ‘audio’ trigger.. So the amp got a bit cofused sometimes.. Till I re-read the manual and now all is good (got it set to auto-power-on whenever the receiver powers on).  Absolutely enjoying my / our music which is definitely a step up in quality compared to what it was…

Regards  Peter (and Ellen:-))


Mon 23/04/2012 7:34

Wyn, I have burned in the amp for three days  on and off and it sounds great . very natural on the human voice and acoustic instruments with bass that is very surprising for a 20 watt tube amp. infact this is the most powerful sounding 20 watts I have ever heard.  Must be those big transformers.

Regards Paul


Wed 18/04/2012 11:18

Hi Wyn

Well I must say I am very impressed with the sound and the quality of the package you provided. I tested it out properly on Friday night…enough said about the better I reckon though…..!

Thanks Wyn and I will deal with you again when it’s time to do so.

All the best

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Mon 16/04/2012 7:26

The Olive arrived today. I am currently kicking back on the couch listening to a recording of Fred Hersh playing in Jordan Hall, the sound is wonderful.

Lastly I would like to thank you for your advice. I think that guiding me towards the Olive has opened up so many options for listening; it really is such a versatile device as you said. And the Parasound is a great amp combination, it’s making me re-visit my music!